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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hey Check This Out!

Dear Friends and Family,

We’re driving to Panama! And… we would love your help! Brian, Elliott, James, and Josh are trying to make it to the southernmost country on our continent. If you want to pitch in and be part of our journey, we would ecstatic. We have all been saving for the past year for this trip but realized that we might need some help with car repairs and miscellaneous happenstances (ransoms?) and any assistance that you would be interested in offering would be extremely appreciated!
The CREW! James, Brian, Josh, and Elliott (L-R)
On the way down we will be writing about and photographing our experiences at We want to share the cultures, sights, and people that we encounter with YOU, our friends and family. We sent you this message because we think you might be interested in hearing about our journey and maybe even helping us fix a fuel pump in Acapulco, Mexico, a serpentine belt in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, or a tire in Puntarenas, Costa Rica- any little bit helps!

Donor Levels:
($0.50)          “Ceviche Taco Donor” (while waiting for car fix)
($3)               “Gas Cap Donor”
($10)             “Spark Plug Donor”
($50)             “Fuel Pump Donor”
($200)           “Carburetor Donor”            
($????)         “Radiator Donor”

Five years ago four strapping young men settled into McNary Dorm on the outskirts of the Oregon State University campus. It was in this dorm, on the fifth floor where a goofy, long-legged hometown boy first connected with a fiery, bleach blond product of Scappoose, over camping in the beautiful Cascade Mountains. These two boys met a gangly rock climber from the depths of the Appalachian Mountains (pronounced with hard a’s, not those garbage soft a’s northerners prefer) who befriended a scrawny Seattleite with a mop of curly hair.
Together these four boys became good friends and eventually (arguably?) men, together, sharing a multitude of adventures- driving cross-country, shushing down steep slopes, climbing ridiculous routes, backpacking tough trails, disc golfing on sunny afternoons, and drinking IPA at local watering holes.
A year and a half ago after a few (many?) northwest nectars (IPA), someone suggested that we drive our butts to Panama. While most booze-induced ideas evaporate in the bright sun of the morning, this seriously far out idea grew into a serious thought, and grew further into a serious plan. Please think about donating!

Basic Facts:
     Who?       Brian Verwey, Elliott Finn, James Teeter, Josh Courtney     
     What?      We are driving to Darien, Panama.
     When?     We plan on Departing on January 3rd, 2014.
     Where?    We will be traveling through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
     Why?       Because we enjoy each other and the outdoors.
     How?       We are in the process of outfitting a rig for a four-month trek.

Thank you for all that you have done to support each of us already! Donate today!

With Love,
            The Crazy Crew

James, Brian, Josh, and Elliott

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